Northern Lights
Capturing the soul of Iceland
My work can be categorized into four themes: Winter in Iceland, Sunsets, Northern Lights, and Icelandic Landscapes. In order to portray the beauty of being at one with and alone in nature, I strive to include subjects into my photos. Keep an eye out for open roads, lonely houses, abandoned areas of the country, Icelandic horses, and much more!
  1. Sunsets
    Sunset photography captures the quiet moments of peace when the world is settling down to sleep; quiet, vast, and always beautiful.
  2. Winter
    Winter in Iceland is truly magical. During the winter months you can experience a variety of weather and moody scenery that ranges from cloudy storms to soft, golden lighting.
  3. Northern Lights
    Northern Lights
    The northern lights convey a sense of being at the very edge of the world and getting a rare glimpse into the endless universe we are all just a tiny part of.
  4. Landscape
    The Icelandic landscape is shaped by the forces of nature. Iceland is one of those places that when you look out over the landscape your mouth drops open in awe.
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