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Atlantic Ocean offers an unparalleled beauty that works its way into your heart and steals your breath away. With unpredictable weather, seasons of midgnight sun and northern lights, and unspoiled nature, Iceland is the trip of a lifetime.

The best way to experience the best that Iceland has to offer is with a personal private tour. Dagur offers both photography and sightseeing tours during all seasons. As an Icelandic native who knows not only the terrain and weather, but also historical information and ancient stories and folklore, Dagur is the natural choice when booking a private tour for your visit to Iceland.

All of Dagur's tours can be customized to suit your travel needs and wishes. Whether you aim to visit Iceland with the goal of photographing the landscape or to simply enjoy sightseeing this beautiful island, a private tour with a local guide will ensure that you get to experience everything on your list without the worry of being back at a crowded bus on time to be hurried along to the next stop.

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Robert Gaska
Arunima Ghosh
Tiina Price
I am very grateful Dagur for the wonderful experience and time that I had the opportunity to spend with you and the owners of the farm Valga and Ingundur Sigfusson at Thingeyri - paradise at the end of the world. Two days with wonderful people full of passion in spectacular surreal scenes. I'll be in the possession of wonderful photographs and memories. Thank you Dagur and see you on the next trip.
I went around with Dagur along the south coast of Iceland and also on a day tour through west iceland. Starting from guiding me to what to wear and even lending me from his own set of clothes where he felt necessary, right upto taking me to the most untouched places along the way, Dagur sure was the reason why my trip to Iceland turned out to be ever so magical! His keen attention to detail and the fact that he stops wherever there is a scenic spot and not just the ones "on the list" makes this tour really worthwhile! 
Highly recommended this tour and I can vouch for the gem of a person Dagur is!

Much love and thank you Dagur Jonsson
July 2016 my husband and I had a superb tour of the southeast coast of Iceland to the village of Vik. We were picked up outside our hotel in downtown Reykavik and dropped off 12 hours later. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone wishing amazing photo opportunities from a first class photographer. Being a local, Dagur has first hand knowledge about the best locations to shoot from, is able to give social and historical background, knows the timetable for tides for optimal seaside shots, and also knows when the sun will be at the correct angle to get the best shots at premier locales. He is professional at all times, and provided interesting local anecdotes on our travels. I am well pleased with my resulting photos, and wish him well on his photo ventures. Thank you, again, Dagur. That day was one of the high points of my 2 week trip!
Andrew Jordan
I was impressed, satisfied and taken care of. I felt that Dagur Johnson had immense confidence in very difficult driving conditions. He provided all the necessary gear, and made sure that I was taken care of. He also spent a great deal of time answering my questions prior to takeoff. His tour was the highlight of my trip. It was great to learn about Iceland through a personalized experience. Sure group tours might be cheaper but from my experience not always worth it. The last one I went on the guide forgot our protective head gear and after two hours of driving we had to turn around. Thanks Dagur for showing me some breathtaking landscapes which will last a lifetime.
Rachel Smith
We have had the best day travelling round with Dagur today after all our trips were cancelled on us we asked Dagur and it was no trouble for him to take us to some beautiful parts of Iceland even though the weather wasn't great it did not stop us having a great day. Highly recommend a day tour with him. Thanks again Dagur for saving our holiday.
Kimberly Harding
Beautiful weekend in Iceland. Dagur couldnt have been better. My hubby, a keen photographer loved knowing his insider secrets, where to get the best shots from etc. He had wellies and waterproofs for the unprepared. He was full of information and shared his knowledge of Iceland. He didn't give up either, our final day he went above and beyond. He offered us a late start for a late finish due to northern light chances being high, on our way home we couldnt find them anywhere but he didnt give up he kept stopping and looking and searching and we found them with only half hour to go from home we saw them! Fantastic finish to the weekend. Highly recommended. Thanks Dagur.
Dubi Roman
together with my good friend David Ben Uziel we drove along 1400 km of the south, the east and the west coast of Iceland.  Our guide and driver was artist-photographer Mr. Dagur Jonsson and thanks to him, we were able to visit major winter spots of this magnificent country.
Chiara Trevisan
I spent a whole day with Dagur last May along the South Cost and i couldnt ask more from this tour..Dagur is a really nice person, very patient with all my questions about Iceland...he is not just a great photographer but also a great tour guide.